Ball Music Request Form

Thank you for having us provide entertainment and DJ services for your event. To help us with preparation, we ask you provide us with details regarding your music preferences and the rest we’ll take from there.

  1. Please note we have thousands of legally sourced songs, but we DO NOT have every song, so if you do not list it here, there is a chance we wont have it available on the day.
  2. Music only available via YouTube is also difficult to play for a number of reasons - so may not be able to be played unless we can source an offline legal copy. Music only available via Spotify can be removed at any time by Spotify, and again, may not be available to play at a later date.


Requests for your event can also be made in advance via this QR code, which will be made available at your event. When sending the QR code out, please ensure that people select the correct event or date - otherwise the request will not be linked to your event.

Song Selection and Vibe

The information in this section, will help to shape the music for your event.

The way to get the best out of us as your DJ service is if you leave us some room for creative control; and we will do our very best to create the vibe and the energy you want for your event. 

We recommend that you provide some guidance with your music, but if you provide too big a list, this can sometimes make it harder to hone in on what you want for your day. Spotify playlists will be taken as suggestion only, unless they feature on your must play list. 

Feel free to make contact if this form doesn't quite capture everything you want, we're only too happy to chat. 

If you have a runsheet or timeline for your day, please either upload a file here - or type in your approximate timeline below.

Song Content

ALL music for high school functions are clean versions. This means that only versions appropriate for radio are played.

Songs containing content or subject matter that may be considered inappropriate for some age groups, may not be played even if appearing on the Must Play song list.

Any requests made on the night, will be checked for content before consideration for play.