Pre-Wedding Tips and Info

By now, you will have all of your vendors booked. All of your invitations have been sent and numbers either confirmed, or very close to. So you're on the home stretch towards your special day.

Together with your music request form, this is basically a chance to try and help you consider some of the important parts in relation to sound and audio for your day.


If I'm not providing audio for your ceremony, you may want to ensure that you and your vows can be heard if you want them heard by everyone. Technically the only people that need to hear your vows are your witnesses, your celebrant and each other. If you are nervous about speaking in front of so many people, then this is a good option to alleviate some of that. You could even have your celebrant announce that your vows are being kept purposely unamplified and intimate.

If I am providing audio for you. and don't want that aspect to be heard - just let me know in advance and I will turn off the mics at that point.

Do keep in mind that for outdoor ceremonies:

  • I need shelter from sun as much as possible (although I do carry an umbrella)
  • I also need shelter from wet weather and under some conditions, cannot provide outside audio due to weather
  • I don't need power - I carry a portable battery with me that can silently power my equipment
  • I need a position where I can place my equipment - out of sight of the photographers when trying to capture images of you and your guests, but where I can see the celebrant and ideally the entrance as well

Also worth noting is that if I am doing ceremony music + canapes + reception and these are all in different areas - there will likely be a break in the music as I move and relocate from one area to the other. 


DJ placement and seating arrangement. So there's a couple of things that will help me get the absolute best out of your dance floor and I know that it's not always easy to control one of these depending on your venue, but the other is entirely up to you. So as you do your last check ins with the venue - please check the following.

The DJ needs to be next to the dance floor. Most of our lights are positioned around us and are designed to be on the dance floor. If we aren't next to your dance floor - we have to both push the volume and the lighting for it to be effective on a dance floor - which could make it really difficult for your venue and for your guests as well. 

Your biggest drinkers and party going dancers should be at the tables nearest the DJ. Please don't sit your most sensitive guests next to the DJ. Your most noise-sensitive guests should be as far away from me as possible - so when doing your seating charts, please remember this. If your venue has tables that have to be moved to create the dance floor - your party goers won't miss their seats anyway because they will be too busy celebrating.

  • Please remember that a safe playing space is required to be able to perform adequately. This means guests not bringing drinks near equipment to avoid the risk of damage

This form is designed to ensure you have checked the last details related to your venue and celebration. These are things that if you haven't considered them, or checked with your venue already - please do, as they will have an impact on how well we are able to do what we do.

If your venue has limitations according to noise, this will impact on how loud I can go but also on what speakers I can use for your reception. I avoid subs for venues with noise limitations - but this can sometimes lead to a less than ideal sound experience depending on the type of music you want. No subs is fine for disco, classic rock, not so great for house and top 40.