Corporate Packages

Explaining the Packages: All of the package prices state from a certain price and the reason for this is that some venues or events may require a lot more equipment that what is currently offered within our packages. Things that can impact on increased costs:

  • Venues where parts of the day/night are spread across different rooms requiring multiple setups
  • Events where the number of people attending and the type of audio required are beyond the capability of the existing package system
  • Large venues or venues with high ceilings or long lengthy rooms - large venues can lead to an echo that makes it difficult to hear. To counter this, we install more speakers at a lower volume

Most venues are fine and as such most people will pay the price stated in these packages below, unless the above apply or more equipment or hours are needed.

The Apprentice

The Apprentice package is perfect for companies who have rented all, or almost all the audio and lighting equipment and just need a DJ for some post dinner tunes, for up to 3 hours. Otherwise we can provide some very simple  lighting and a basic PA system if needed.

This basic PA system will comfortably cater for up to about 100 subject to the size of your venue.

This means we can show up and be set up in approximately 30 minutes and be ready to bang out tunes for your dance floor, with a music playlist that I'll curate based on what I'm able to learn about you and your organisation.


  • Music - curated and mixed live 
  • Simple PA system for up to 100 people
  • For up to 3 hours


From $600 + GST 

$100 + GST per hour thereafter

The Boss

The Boss is tailored to suit a number of varied corporate events whether it's an awards celebration, an end of year staff function or a social club's dinner and drinks.

Perfect for around 200 guests and crafted for a 6-hour duration, it consists of a suitable PA system, wireless microphones, appropriate lighting options, and essential DJ equipment.

This option is great for those seeking coverage right across dinner, managing the audio both for music and speeches. All necessary equipment for speeches is included.

Most importantly, you get to help design the perfect playlist. We learn as much as we possibly can about you and the people in your organisation, and utilise what we know about people to help curate the music for your event. What's more, we can also run a music request based system with requests submitted either in advance, on the night (via QR code) or both.


  • Music - curated and mixed live for you for up to 6 hours
  • PA system suitable for up to 200 people
  • Wireless handheld microphones
  • Some lights to brighten up your dance floor
  • Face to Face/Virtual meeting if required
  • Access to online music curation forms

From $1100 + GST for up to 6 hours

$120 + GST per hour thereafter

The Board

The Board is for when you are a big organisation but also want a big party to match - the significant difference between this and our other packages is that everything is bigger and this is intended for a party.

We prioritise your audio and music requirements throughout the entire event, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish - managing all of the audio control for any announcements or speeches. We'll cover dinner and or background music and guide people towards the chance to party and let loose later on.

Designed for an 8 hour period, the Board can comfortably accommodate up to 400 people; and includes an incredibly impressive party vibe experience with accentuated sound and intelligent light show. 


  • Music - curated and mixed for you
  • PA system suitable for up to 400 people (includes subs)
  • Wireless handheld microphones
  • More lights to brighten up your dance floor with a digitally controller light show
  • Face to Face/Virtual meeting if required
  • Site visit and technical scoping visit - to check venue over for placement and audio/ lighting needs
  • Access to online music curation forms

All of these packages can be scaled up to provide for more people and/or larger venues.


From $1600 + GST for up to 8 hours

$140 + GST per hour thereafter

Added Extras


As an experienced and competent MC, I take the stress and hassle out of keeping your event moving along; and comfortably and confidently take care of ensuring the people at your event, are where they need to be, together with the information they need to know.

What's more, is that you wont need to worry about the small things that can sometimes go awry, because my job as your MC is not just to make announcements - but to liaise with all the other vendors and run interference for you - so you can relax. Allow yourself and your guests the peace of mind just to celebrate and enjoy your day.

From $300 + GST

Vertical Sparklers

Cold spark machines create a vertical spark effect, shooting straight up. These create a memorable and amazing effect for photos centered either around your first dance, your entrance or exit from a venue.

Cold spark machines are generally very safe for use both indoors and outdoors, as the actual spark effect creates a "cold" spark that you can hold your hand over, hence the name.

These are strictly subject to availability.

From $180.00 + GST and subject to availability

Extra Hours / After 1am - and Travel

As indicated by the packages above, extra hours are available if you want us to play longer; subject to availability and negotiation.

For PRIVATE events that require playing beyond 1am - all extra hours are charged at a rate of $150.00

For every event, please note that I will require up to 90 mins afterwards to "load out" - which is the pack down and removal of all equipment. This means for events where you may want me to play later, please ensure that your venue is okay with my being there for up to 90 mins following the event.

Travel for events of over 100km total (return trip) are quoted prior to any formal agreement is signed; and where accommodation is required (for events of 300km+ return) this will also be quoted prior to agreement. 


Photobooth are not just a fun way to capture memories of your event, they are a form of entertainment.

We have close working relationships with a couple of very cool photobooth companies - each of them offering very different forms of photobooths.

So whether you want simple and casual or a smart and elegant addition, let us know and we'll gladly arrange. 


Quote available on request

Foam Led Sticks

The foam led sticks are a great way of inserting some fun for kids and adults alike on the dance floor, when caught at the right time, they also make for great photos. 

We can even arrange for your foam led sticks to be customised with your name and date on them. 



From $100 + GST

Silent Disco 

Do you want to listen to your own music, while others get the chance to listen to something else altogether?

The Silent Disco experience allows you to choose for some of your guests to listen to an automated playlist of your choosing, whilst I DJ the main set on another channel - or we can arrange for 2 or more DJs to be playing up to 3 channels.

This gives you and your guests a chance to switch and change between music styles and can lead to some fantastically memorable video footage.

Quote available on request - and subject to what you would like.