Where should I put my DJ?

Where you put your DJ (or band) and where your guests are in relation to your DJ, is a lot more important than some people give it credit for, so here's a few tips on positioning everyone.


The first thing to consider, especially with bands is, how much space is required. Some DJ's can get away with very little space and others need a reasonable amount of room. 

My set up, at a push can be placed in a small area of 3x3m - that includes speaker(s) and DJ booth. I have a range of lights that are battery operated, so they can go almost anywhere and don't require power, which brings me to another important consideration - electricity.


While lots of the components that I bring are battery operated and I do have a battery system, generally I need access to power. I always have a lot of extension cables with me, but the more cables I have, the more likely I will have a need for taping cables down to ensure health and safety measures are followed. Speaking of which, if the power ever went down at your site - I could probably keep playing music for another couple of hours using my battery system - and you would still have my dance floor lighting running as well.

Who should sit closest to the DJ/Band

This is a well-known and contentious issue - but please don't put your oldest and most fragile of guests next to the noisiest part of your venue. They will hate how much noise we make and might even ask us to turn it down, when others want the music turned up. Your heartiest and noisiest party going friends, they are who you put closest to us - because the truth is, if they're not on the dancefloor already, they're at the bar or socialising with everyone else anyway. But that same noisy group, will be the same group we rely on to help build your party.

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