What Music Do You Need for Your Wedding?

Plenty of people get all confused and occasionally even stressed about what music they should have for their wedding, for which parts, how to pick songs and music.

This is often why many couples opt to have DJ's come and join them to manage at least the audial part of the wedding - because it is one less thing to worry about (it's actually about 5 less things to worry about - microphones, PA system, dealing with wind and weather, dealing with no power etc).

So what parts of your wedding do you need music for? None - you don't need music for any of it, if you don't want.

What music should and shouldn't you play? Play whatever you want.

Now in terms of what aspects of your day you MIGHT want to consider music for - this is the comprehensive list of songs that some people might select a song for. The songs in bold are the main songs you can choose, plenty of people go without any number of the others. For instance, if you're not doing a first dance then you don't need a first dance song.

  • Groom and groomsmen processional
  • Bridesmaid processional (sometimes just a single song is used together with the bride)
  • Bride processional
  • Signing of the register (2 songs being at least 7-8 minutes combined - just in case)
  • Recessional (exit)
  • Bridal reception entrance (some people break this out into each pairing - and each pair has a different song)
  • Bride & Groom reception entrance
  • Cake cutting song
  • Bouquet toss song
  • First Dance
  • First dance floor song
  • Last song of the night

What if your processional song is too short?

In this case you can choose to have separate songs for your bridesmaids vs the bride, or simply choose a longer song. In many cases, a DJ like myself can create a special edited version which extends your existing song. It does mean repeating a verse or chorus and MOST people wont even notice that it has been repeated as its edited to run fluidly.

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