I care about doing a good job for you - so I spend a lot of time and effort trying to curate the perfect playlist and ensure that everything looks and sounds amazing. We do this as collaboratively as you want it to be - learning more about you, your guests and the type of event and vibe you want, together with types of music you want.

"You can definitely make Spotify work - but it won't care about doing as good a job as I do"


Handing me the mic to look after your MC duties, especially for a wedding is about far more than just making a few announcements. It's giving yourself permission to relax and enjoy your day or event - giving yourself permission to be a guest at your own celebration, and allowing all of your guests to do the same.

The two main tasks of a good MC are to firstly guide the event as host, announcer and defender of the timeline but there are other not so obvious tasks. The other is to act as liaison with all the vendors, to troubleshoot and ensure that everyone can work together to create a seamless and enjoyable night.

There is a third job, which I call - running interference - this is to make sure that a couple can enjoy their wedding, I am delegated a certain level of control to make sure issues can be resolved without disturbing the newlyweds. 

Take the additional stress out of your reception and consider hiring me to be your MC. What's more, if I'm there to be your DJ anyway - I can get 2 jobs done at the same time.

Your Next DJ


DJ Motiv Wedding DJ Christchurch Canterbury Pemberton Gardens

Our Wedding DJ Services are tailored to your unique style and preferences. We work closely with you to create the perfect soundtrack for your special day, from ceremony to the reception. With a professional background as an MC, we can take care of some of the most important aspects of your day. 

Corporate Events

DJ Motiv Corporate Function Miro Christchurch

Whether you have a low-key gathering over wine with background music, a company celebration or a large corporate event, our Corporate DJ services are known for delivering both professionalism and a party when you want it.

Parties for all Occasions

DJ Motiv School Ball Formal South Canterbury

Hosting a party for a birthday, school formal/ball or similar? Let us take care of the music! We'll work with you to curate the ideal playlist that matches the vibe of your event, ensuring everyone has a great time; and as an experienced Club DJ - we'll bring the club to your party.

Clubs / Bars

DJ Motiv Entertainment Bar Fat Eddie's Christchurch

One of the most experienced Club DJs in the area Vito, aka Motiv has played in Wellington, Auckland, Queenstown and throughout Canterbury - DJ Motiv has a dynamic approach to DJing, incorporating word play and live mash-ups with an open-format head for music.