How Booking Me Works

I've designed a bunch of processes to try and make it all as easy as possible for people but also to give you peace of mind.

  1. We chat, you ask some questions ... I'll ask some questions. I'll make sure I'm available. You'll tell me about yourself, and I'll tell you about me. You can check out my packages and decide which one would suit you best, but I'll probably let you know which one will fit. Based on all of that if you're happy to proceed, there's no swiping involved - just let me know that you'd like to book!
  2. I send you an online agreement - this agreement has all the key information. Pick your package and also select any extras you may want as well. Upload your ID then submit.
  3. I'll respond, usually within 48 hours with a PDF copy of your agreement for your records and my digital authorisation
  4. This will be followed up by an invoice with details about the packages you picked and any extras, plus any specific agreements we may have made - such as, you requested a specific piece of equipment or have more people attending
  5. The booking requires a 25% booking fee to be paid within 2 weeks, which is credited to your final amount. Once paid - WE"RE CONFIRMED!
  6. The balance is payable at least 14 days in advance of your date. Chat to me if there are any issues.
  7. Every payment is receipted for your records.
  8. In the lead up to your event - I'll start sending music request forms, other helpful information or any other information I need for things like MC services - but almost everything is done online to make life easier.
  9. Then just a few weeks out, I start curating your music and that's it - we get to your event and rock your dance floor!
  10. There's a follow up exchange afterwards and hopefully you leave me a lovely 5 star review because I've smashed your event.

Easy as that! Click Contact / Bookings in the menu above if you're not already chatting to me!